The following JUnit test case shows four Oracle JDBC bugs in ojdbc14_g.jar that costed me days:

Sad: Of course it is really easy to fix most of them in the driver--as soon as one has realized that it may make sense to look at the driver byte code, instead of trying to interpret misleading error messages. "Simple to fix" means that I am quite confident I could provide a workaround that would cover most real world cases for test2 and fixes for test3 and test5 in less than a week--and I am really not a database expert.

Test4 shows a "Oracle IS the standard"-attitude problem, I cannot help with that. Since Google is able to show that I am not the first one to run into those issues (once one has guessed the right keywords), I am really wondering why Oracle does not do anything about them.

Perhaps they should simply read their own forums from time to time...

Stefan Haustein