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Saadallah/Piatkowski/2019a Amal Saadallah, Nico Piatkowski, Felix Finkeldey, Petra Wiederkehr and Katharina Morik. Learning Ensembles in the Presence of Imbalanced Classes. In ICPRAM: 8th international conference on pattern recognition applications and methods - icpram 2019, 2019.
Grau/Moreira/2018a Josep Maria Salanova Grau, Luis Moreira-Matias, Amal Saadallah, Panagiotis Tzenos, Georgia Aifadopoulou, Emmanouil Chaniotakis, Miquel Estrada. Informed Versus Noninformed Taxi Drivers: Agent-Based Simulation Framework for Assessing Their Performance. pages 16, Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting, 2018.
Saadallah/etal/2018a Saadallah, Amal and Finkeldey, Felix and Morik, Katharina and Wiederkehr, Petra. Stability prediction in milling processes using a simulation-based machine learning approach. In 51st CIRP conference on Manufacturing Systems, Elsevier, 2018.
Saadallah/Moreira/2018a Saadallah, A., Moreira-Matias, L., Sousa, R., Khiari, J., Jenelius, E., Gama, J.. BRIGHT - Drift-Aware Demand Predictions for Taxi Networks. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2018.