Lewandowski/etal/2012a: In-Cabin Localization Solution for Optimizing Manufacturing and Maintenance Processes for Wide-Body Commercial Aircraft

Bibtype Conference
Bibkey Lewandowski/etal/2012a
Author Lewandowski, Andreas and Michaelis, Stefan and Wietfeld, Christian and Jirka Klaue and Martin Kubisch
Ls8autor Michaelis, Stefan
Title {I}n-{C}abin {L}ocalization {S}olution for {O}ptimizing {M}anufacturing and {M}aintenance {P}rocesses for {W}ide-{B}ody {C}ommercial {A}ircraft
Booktitle IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS)
Address Myrtle Beach, SC
Month April
Year 2012
Url http://www.plansconference.org/abstract.cfm?meetingID=36&pid=140&t=D&s=6

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