Morik/Scholz/2004a: The MiningMart Approach to Knowledge Discovery in Databases

Bibtype Inbook
Bibkey Morik/Scholz/2004a
Author Morik, Katharina and Scholz, Martin
Ls8autor Morik, Katharina
Scholz, Martin
Editor Ning Zhong and Jiming Liu
Title {T}he {M}ining{M}art {A}pproach to {K}nowledge {D}iscovery in {D}atabases
Booktitle {I}ntelligent {T}echnologies for {I}nformation {A}nalysis
Pages 47--65
Publisher Springer
Year 2004
Projekt MiningMart, MiningMartApproach
Data Preprocessing
MiningMart -- Case-Based Support for Database Preprocessing (Extract, Transform, Load)