Homburg/etal/2005a: A Benchmark Dataset for Audio Classification and Clustering

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Bibkey Homburg/etal/2005a
Author Homburg, Helge and Mierswa,Ingo and Moller, Bulent and Morik, Katharina and Wurst, Michael
Ls8autor Homburg, Helge
Mierswa, Ingo
Morik, Katharina
Wurst, Michael
Editor Joshua D. Reiss and Geraint A. Wiggins
Title {A} {B}enchmark {D}ataset for {A}udio {C}lassification and {C}lustering
Booktitle Proc. of the International Symposium on Music Information Retrieval 2005
Pages 528--531
Address London, UK
Publisher Queen Mary University
Year 2005
Projekt audio,SFB475
Structuring of Multimedia-Collections and Attribute Extraction