INtelligent Synthesis and Real-tIme Response using Massive StreaminG of HeTerogeneous Data -




The instrumentation of the world with diverse sensors, smart phones, and social networks acquires exascale data that offer the potential of enhanced science and services. In particular, a better societal management of the overall cycle of disaster monitoring and response becomes possible, citizens may now become involved in decision making and data acquisition (crowd-sourcing), and advanced planning can conserve resources. Current systems are limited in three important elements: (i) lack of methods for handling heterogeneous data streams in real-time,(ii) absence of social computing integrated with big data analysis, (iii) real-time prediction and alarm capabilities have not yet been incorporated into the infrastructure for intelligent management. The goal of the INSIGHT project is to radically advance our ability of coping with emergency situations in Smartcities by developing innovative technologies, methodologies and systems that will put new capabilities in the hands of disaster planners and city personnel to improve emergency planning and response.



Staff Members:

Morik, Katharina




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