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RapidMiner Data Stream Plugin (formerly: YALE Concept Drift Plugin) - Machine Learning of Time-Varying and Drifting Concepts from Data Streams


The data stream plugin (formerly: concept drift plugin) for RapidMiner (formerly: YALE (Yet Another Learning Environment)), a freely available open-source environment for machine learning, data mining, and knowledge discovery, extends RapidMiner by operators for handling real and simulated concept drift in time-varying data streams.

The data stream mining and concept drift handling operators provided in this plugin can be combined with all other RapidMiner operators. For example, the audio and text preprocessing of the RapidMiner package can be used to detect and handle concept changes in audio and text data streams and all machine learning methods for classification available in RapidMiner (and WEKA) can be combined with the concept drift handling frameworks. However, some of these frameworks require the learners to be able to estimate their classification performance.

The concept drift handling frameworks provided in this plugin include:

  • baseline strategies for comparison: learning with complete (full) or no memory
  • time windows of fixed or adaptive size
  • batch or example selection
  • global age-based or local performance-based example weighting strategies
  • an ensemble method using knowledge-based sampling (KBS-stream)

The data stream plugin and its source code can be obtained from the RapidMiner download page. For installing and using the plugin, simply copy the file rapidminer-datastream-4.0beta.jar into the lib/plugins/ subdirectory of your RapidMiner installation. On Microsoft Windows systems, you can alternatively use the Windows auto-installer (rapidminer-datastream-4.0beta-installer.exe).

In case of questions, please contact Ralf Klinkenberg.



Software File:


Klinkenberg, Ralf


SFB 475 subproject A4


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